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Find your best home buyer

There are two kinds of home buyers: 1) one working your deal hard then bailing out if they can't get what they want, and 2) the one who loves your home and does everything necessary to make your deal work—this is your best home buyer.

Your best home buyer is already looking for your home today. You just need to tell them you have everything they are looking for.

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“Yes I saw the inner workings of Creed's artificial intelligence system—and yes I even understood more of it than I expected to. And yes I see how excited Creed becomes telling me how all these facts help me sell my house. That's all great but as a first-time home seller all I really cared about was his honesty and willingness to openly answer every question I had.”

Kesha G, Aurora

I chose facts over guesses

“I write code for a living and what hooked me on using Creed is seeing what he's done with data science algorithms—doing this kind of work is difficult and exhausting. It's a little scary seeing the insights he's extracting from home sales but perhaps what's scarier are all the other agents out there with no idea this kind of technology even exists and are just winging it”

James Madden, Denver

Chose marketing over a cash offer

“Yea, I talked with Opendoor about their instant buyer program but they seemed more interested in getting me to do what was best for them than what's best for me. After dealing with too many salespeople I hired Creed. Honestly, what he knows about marketing homes is pretty amazing and you should talk with him. Unless your agent gets your home's marketing right whatever else they say really isn't important.”

Fran Metzger, Highlands Ranch

I really like the tech side of real estate

"Straight-up, I have some idea of the kinds of technologies Google and Facebook use to spy on us all and make billions of dollars from our information. What I never expected, was getting to use my own version of technology to help me make more money on my home sale. Now I have.”

Greg Peters, Littleton

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