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Less stress is why you choose Smart Sale AI

There are 23,001 real estate agents in Metro Denver. All of them can place your home in the MLS, tell you wonderful things about themselves, and give you their opinion.

Yet, much of your stress selling your home comes from making hundreds of high-risk commitments based on your agent's opinion.

The biggest difference between Smart Sale AI and the 23,000 other agents is we are the only one consulting with you solutions based on scientifically proven, honest facts of what your buyers most desire and the home qualities they'll pay you the most for.

These facts are Smart Sale AI's Verified Values.

Knowing your best buyer's verified values lets you stress less at every decision. Let us prove it to you.

You're not changing how you sell your home; we still do all the work for you. You're simply reducing your stress by making decisions based on proven, honest facts instead of an opinion.

Four simple questions when comparing brokerages:

1) Can you prove to me the dollar value my buyers pay for each of the top twenty home qualities they most demand so I know how—or if—I need to prepare my home for market? Don't give me your opinion, PROVE IT.

2) Can you prove to me the top thirty qualities the last 1,000 home buyers spent the most money on, so I know you are presenting these qualities in marketing my home to attract my best home buyer? I have a lot of money at risk, so don't give me your opinion, PROVE IT.

3) Can you rank-order list the top ten qualities my best home buyer does not want to live without so I can negotiate with confidence knowing if any other homes available compare to mine? I want facts when I'm dealing with high-risk commitments, so Don't give me your opinion, PROVE IT.

4) You claim to be a marketing expert—the most vital skill of selling my home, don't tell me about some weekend seminar you took. PROVE IT by showing me your marketing degree.

Your benefits working with Smart Sale AI

You're getting the experience of working with a seasoned, full-service real estate veteran with decades of sales experience. But your additional benefit, no other brokerage can offer, is Smart Sale AI answers YES to every question above. No other brokerage can do this for you—and you having this knowledge is vital to preparing, promoting, and profiting from your home sale.

An experienced agent plus honest, proven facts lets you stress less selling your home.

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Anytime you'd like proven facts about preparing, promoting, and profiting from your home sale, just ping us.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Help me understand how your artificial intelligence benefits me?
It's the difference between having just one agent's opinion for hundreds of high-risk commitments you're making throughout your home sale, versus making your decisions based on hundreds of honest, proven facts about where the last 1,000 home buyers spent their money to get what they most wanted assisting you throughout your home sale.

Essentially, one opinion vs hundreds of facts, plus an experienced agent's opinion.

You're not giving up anything using artificial intelligence. You're still getting an experienced agent who uses the knowledge of how 1,000 buyers spent their money to get what they most wanted to help guide your decisions for preparing, promoting, and profiting from your home sale.

More specifically, just for your one home sale, Smart Sale AI interprets thousands of home buyer actions based on hundreds of home sales through conducting millions of algorithmic steps: mathematical, statistical, geospatial, machine learning regressions, structured and unstructured text analyses, and many more.

In the end, you have facts about which home qualities your buyers most desire and how much they'll pay you to get them.

These are analyses every real estate broker should conduct to ensure you have both proven facts in addition to exceptionally experienced brokers to base your home sale decisions on. These are honest facts you absolutely deserve to have, but are really hard to do—that's why no agents, except Smart Sale agents, do it for you.

The honesty of the information comes from seeing how buyers spend their own money to get what they most want—proven facts, not opinions.

When we meet, if you wish, we will show you the Smart Sale AI system, explain the algorithms and analyses, and prove to you the facts of creating a modern approach to selling your home.

How does your artificial intelligence help me prepare my home for sale?
Smart Sale's artificial intelligence rank-order lists for you the top twenty to thirty qualities your buyers' most desire, and very importantly, tells you how much each quality increases the value of your home, all based on the true actions of thousands of home buyers.

With these honest facts, you know which home qualities are worth completing when preparing your home for sale and which are not.

You also know if you can get by doing nothing when preparing your home for sale, yet not harming your sale price. This really reduces your workload and stress levels selling your home.

How does your artificial intelligence help me promote or market my home?
This is really cool. When you have proven to you the home qualities your buyers most demandthe qualities they pay the most for, you know the exact photos and descriptions to include in your marketingand even in the exact order you should present them to maximize the emotional impact on your buyers.

Home buyers scan hundreds of homes on the internetscratching off their list everything that does not stand out to them. When you know exactly what they are looking for using Smart Sale's AI, and present those photos and descriptions starting with the most desired qualities, your home always gets placed at the top of their list.